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Resources by AndreasWerchmeister Resources by AndreasWerchmeister
I thought about making a journal with some of the resources I use, but I decided to make it a deviation as it might reach more people. But I hope you folks will find some of this useful! If you have any other good resources, please share them.

Must watch
    [link] - FZD School: Visual Library - If you want to learn how to develop and improve you imagination, watch this! Same goes for the following videos by FZD School.
    [link] - FZD School: Inspiration
    [link] - FZD School: Traditional Mediums
    Part 1 [link] Part 2 [link] - FZD School: Reference Books
    [link] - Dreamers by Bobby Chiu - If this doesn't get you motivated, I'll mail you a pie.
    [link] - Getting Better at Painting by Matt Kohr - This adresses the frustration and competitive nature of art.
    [link] - Loosen up by Matt Kohr - This video is about how to improve your confidence while painting
Video tutorials
    I have watched a lot of video tutorials, but these were some that I found particularly useful. Addressing composition, painting technique, speedpainting, use of textures and how to properly render light and shadows.

    [link] - The Gnomon workshop: The techniques of Dylan Cole 1-3
    [link] - The Gnomon workshop: Designing Creatures in Adobe Photoshop
    [link] - The Gnomon workshop: How to Render Matte Surfaces 1-3
    [link] - The Gnomon workshop: The Techniques of Neville Page 1
Instructual sites
    [link] - Ctrl+Paint - There's a lot of great videos on this site, but the ones I would recommend watching, at least for beginners, are the 5 videos under Art theory and Self education [link]
    [link] - The Gnomon workshop
    [link] - Enliighten
    [link] - Conceptartmasters
    [link] - Sycra
    [link] - idrawgirls
    [link] - Digital-tutors - If you want to get into 3D. This is the holy grail of video tutorials. They are not free tho, but if you sign up for a subscription, you can watch as many tutorials as you like. They also have great beginner art and design videos.
Life Drawing/Poses
Movie screen caps
Youtube channels
    [link] - FZDSchool - Watch ALL the video! (memeface) These videos are GREAT, I wish I found these years ago. They are mainly design focused, but he addresses everything from composition to approaching problems.
    [link] - Sycra
    [link] - idrawgirls
    [link] - digitalbobert
Live streams
    [link] - Anatomy Tools
    [link] - Color Scheme Designer
    [link] - Kuler Color Scheme
    [link] - Light Cage
    [link] - Scenario generator
    [link] - If you like to do your artsy buisness in the rain, here you go!
Free books
    [link] - Hundreds of Free Art E-Books

If you find a bad link, please let me know, so I can fix it.
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